Vista Ridge Car Wash - Worst Car Wash in Westbank/Kelowna

Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 at 6:56pm CST by f8a8c607

Product: Car Wash

Company: Vista Ridge Car Wash

Location: 2211 Louie Drive Westbank, BC
Westbank, Ca, V4T, CA

Category: Other

Went to this car wash today and was washing my Ford F-150. When I finished I drove out and realized I wanted to rinse out my truck box so I turned around and went back in. Put in another 2- 3 bucks and was rinsing out the box (it was not all that dirty, just small bits of drywall pieces (gravel size) and small slivers of wood and paint chips. I was about half way done when the woman who runs the place came in and without introducing herself started screaming and swearing at me and yelling that she was going to "report" me and what the @#!%^&^% was I doing - I am sure you get the idea. I stopped spraying ang told her to calm down, I was going to sweep up the small mess and none of it was going into the septic system as she claimed. She just swore some more and left. I finished cleaning my truck, cleaned up very well (1/2 a shovel scoop)and went to her kiosk to try to talk to her. She would not answer the door. I waited about 1/2 hour before I decided to finally leave. A few minutes later I returned and she was outside and I spoke with her and suggested that she should not deal with a customer as she did and that I wouldn't be back (I didn't really mean this becuse I go there alot and I figured anyone can have a bad day. She told me "so what" and turned her back on me and left. If this is not bad enough for public relations, I actually went back that afternoon with my wifes car. I went into a vacant stall, made change at the change machine and when I went to deposit my money the coin operated machine went dead. Then both overhead doors opened.I realized upon seeing the camera on the ceiling that she recognized me and shut down the stall. I decided to give the camera the one finger salute and got in my car to drive to the adjoining bay that was empty and had the coin operated machine on (you could see from inside the adjoing stall that I was in). As I pulled up, the green light indicating vacancy turned off and the door would not open. She also shut this down. I have seen on this website, complaints about this place and this woman in particular, I also noticed that she tried to defend herself. Based on my experience, this is the worst treatment I have ever received as a regular paying customer from anyone, anywhere. In my opinion, AVOID this place, the service is brutal. I also took pictures so if she comes on I can prove what I have said. BUYER BEWARE

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94a056d1, 2011-06-16, 02:43AM CDT

Agreed. Nothing ever works properly and the woman running it is absolutely insane.

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