Star Light and Magic

Posted on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 at 3:41pm CST by f5d065e9

Product: Stage Confetti Cannon

Company: Star Light and Magic

Location: 218 Jefferson Street
Lexington, KY, 40508, US


Category: Other

We purchased two of the $199.99 Confetti Cannons for our NYE event, when we recieved the items there were no instructions on how to operate the cannons, when we received the instructions we were not able to get them to work, on website it gives an 800# to contact them, the message states they no longer accept live calls that you must communicate via email or live chat, (which they are never online) we have contacted them via email and have had no luck all we recieve is " thank you for your email i can help you with that" no further help was given upon email after email with our issue, we had to go to another company 3hrs away to get some cannons that work, now we will be returning them ... lets see what the return process will be!

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ebb660c5, 2009-12-29, 07:51PM CST

We have emailed the customer 8 times today requesting further information about the problem, but they have thus far refused to specify the exact nature of the complaint. In addition, We have steered the customer toward our online instructions that include photographs and descriptions of each step required in the operation of this device. The customer indicated that they tried to operate the cannon without confetti and made no mention of the air canister, both of which are included with the purchase and required for proper operation. I have offered in all of my emails to try to help them get this operational right away, if they will only share the specific nature of the problem, but thus far, they have refused to comment further on the problem. The only emails we have received in response are a demand of refund, but we would certainly welcome the opportunity to help the customer make these work, as New Years is still several days away and there is ample time in our view to correct this problem.

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