InStyler - In Styler does NOT work

Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2009 at 3:15pm CST by 06c19793

Product: In Styler

Company: InStyler

Location: 2250 South Haven Ave. Unit E Ontario, CA 91761
Ontario, CA, 91761, US

URL: /

Category: Other

The InStyler is overpriced, leading consumers to believe it is an actual professional and functional product. The bristles (it has a row of them on each side) are too limp so it does not brush or separate the hair at all. The barrel does not grab the hair tight enough to dry and straighten it in the "short" amount of time the product claims. It takes twice as long to style the hair and it also requires the "help" of a blowdrier to do the job right. I purchased the product because the price suggested it was a functional, serious product. It cost me about $140 plus shipping for 2 in Stylers. The product is sold in stores for about $90. I called to return it and they claimed I did not "use" it properly and offered to send me a complementary CD with instructions (lucky me!) I was told that if I wasn't satisfied that I could then return it until December 17 when the trial expired (by the way I had paid in full). I sent it on the 17th and proceeded to call (it was after 6pm)customer service was already closed. When ifinally got a hold of them, they said I had to have called before the trial period expired to receive a CRD# or something. My InStylers are on the way back to me and now I'm stuck with 2 products I am ashamed to give away (although receiving it for free might make the recipient overlook all its flaws).

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89824695, 2010-01-14, 10:36AM CST

I purchased an InStyler online for $55.00. I should have known something was fishy! In two months it was dead. I tried to contact the seller, but NEVER even got so much as the courtesy of a reply. Too bad, because when it worked, I loved it. Glad I did not pay $140!!

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