Hewlett Packard (HP) - HP Warranty Sucks

Posted on Sunday, December 27th, 2009 at 11:49am CST by 60e46c94

Product: dv9000 Laptop

Company: Hewlett Packard (HP)

Location: 3000 Hanover St
Palo Alto, CA, 94304, US

URL: http://hp.com/

Category: Other

I bought an HP dv9000 17inch brand new laptop 2 years ago WITH the expensive EXTENDED WARRANTY, designed to cover the entire unit. After the PC failed (wouldn't boot) I returned it to HP who couldn't find my EXTENDED WARRANTY info since they had lost the database (confessed by a tech support person). Since I kept all of my records regarding the warranty, they were persuaded that I wasn't lying. So, I sent in the machine which they replaced the motherboard and CDROM drive and returned it. It worked fine until a week later when I opened the lid to use it and the left hinge cracked! I called HP support back and they informed me that it wasn't covered since this was a cosmetic problem! Since then I discovered that HP had a recall (of which I was not informed about) a year ago about this same left hinge cracking problem - their design problem! THe warranty oddly called "Your HP Total Care Extended Service Plan" expressly says coverage for the "unit" which I presumed means the entire PC. Through battles with different arrogant technicians, they refused to fix it. Even got a "case manager" who was a snotty young bitch paid by the number of disgruntled customers she can create each day. So, I looked up the name and address of HP's CEO who is Mark V Hurd. If you wish you may contact me and I'll give you a way to contact him. I tried to post a picture of his place and address on the HP site, but the HP police wouldn't post it. So, I found a local shop who ordered the bezel and replaced it costing me $278. But Mr. Hurd made $42.8 million dollars in 2008 so he never worries about problems like mine or us folks who have to deal with their lousy support-less desk. One more lost customer HP!


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