Samsung - Samsung refrigerator/Don't buy

Posted on Saturday, December 26th, 2009 at 11:17am CST by 425d9fcd

Product: Samsung digital side by side refrigerator

Company: Samsung

Location: US

Category: Other

I have a 1 1/2 year old samsung refrigerator that I wasted $1400 at Lowe's. I asked the sales people if they'd had any customers that had problems with the digital features, which they told me they hadn't! Well, I definately have. NO ONE will work on them in my area because of the digital features. My refridgerator seems to have problems with the defrosting system, since I've had it, there's been a pool of water on the fridge side. Then the reservoir in the back behind the second drawer has swollen so much that I've had to permantently remove, because the door would longer stay closed and food ended up spoiling!!!

At one point, the fridge just quit working for no known reason, during this time, my husband was fighting cancer, and I could not find anyone to work on the fridge. I called Lowe's, who recommended a company that would no longer touch this brand fridge. Then I tried another company and they set an appt. and then cancelled because of "distance" of my home from they're offices. So Lowe's, after I called and explained my situation and cried my eyes out, picked up the fridge and brought to store so that company would look at it and then returned for no charge, but I had to completely empty the fridge and find somewhere to store all the food that was still good, after a week or better of trying to get it fixed. Lowe's is only 6 miles from my home. Samsung's customer line is a complete joke! They just gave a list of companies that might repair it. They same list I got from Lowe's and weren't aware that some companies no longer would touch their product or even reccomend their product and when informed, they basically let me know I was on my own. NO HELP AT ALL!! The repairman went to check out the fridge, plugged it in and it was working again. Now I'm figuring on getting a new one from another company. I will never buy a Samsung again!! So if any of you are thinking about buying and Samsung side by side digital refregerator, DON'T-- you be wasting alot of money!!


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