Airtel - No proper response from airtel for activating a corporate caller tune for arround 15 days

Posted on Saturday, December 26th, 2009 at 3:58am CST by a1ca18c9

Product: Airtel

Company: Airtel

Location: Chennai, TN, 602105, IN

Category: Other

We are using Airtel for our corporate use. We requested an information regarding activating a corporate caller tune (provided by us. The oral enquiry happened some were arround 15 dec there was no proper response so we sent across an email on 18 dec for which the reply was it will resolved by 21 dec. We contacted about 6 to 8 customer support executives even managers but still not even a single clue or step procedure we got. again with hope we contacted today again they registred a compliat for which the solution will be on 28 th of dec which means that we need to waste 2 more days and need to continue the circle. The airtel personnel are not comitted and even dare enough to provide their direct number/ email. Each and every time we need to explain the issue fro Ato Z but the reply will be the same above. We even tried with online chat with supporters but they too showed open hands. We dont know wats wrong with them vodophone people responded properly and they took only 7 days time.


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