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Posted on Friday, December 25th, 2009 at 12:22pm CST by 26dce865

Product: wingscapes birdcam

Company: Song Bird Garden

Location: Song Bird Garden P O box 463
Cape Fair, MO, 65624, US


Category: Other

I ordered 2 bird cams for Christmas presents. They sent me four. They will not accept returns. They said it was my fault. Electronics and cameras can not be returned to this company. They were not accomodating or polite. I can understand that they dont accept worms back but unused cameras?? These werent even out of the box. Most websites are so eager for customers that they are helpful in every way. Not this place. Since there are many other places to buy these products, please encourage all to look at other websites.


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e578ae27, 2009-12-25, 05:22PM CST

This customer ordered four BirdCam cameras and two BirdCam mounting arms, not two BirdCams. The customer was was responsible for verifying her order before she checked out and submitted payment. She was also sent three email confirmations from our store immediately after her order was processed with her order total prior to shipping. If she intended to order only two cameras, or noticed a mistake when ordering, she should have contacted us by email or phone immediately prior to shipping her order. This customer did not contact us, and we shipped her precisely what she ordered in our store. Our online store has a no-return policy on cameras. We have this policy because cameras require special packaging and handling, and should not be subject to the risk of damage from excessive handling in shipment, i.e., when they are shipped to customers then returned. Because we have this policy any customer ordering electronic or camera items in our store is assured of receiving only new merchandise that has never been opened or returned by someone, restocked in our warehouse, and reshipped. All of our BirdCam cameras are 100% guaranteed on delivery for defects or damage in shipping. The BirdCams have a one year manufacturer's warranty.

3543fc25, 2009-12-26, 02:04PM CST

I have ordered several times from this company. They have great products and their customer service has always been excellent and fair with me. If they sent you four cameras instead of two it is probably because you ordered 4 cameras! When you checkout an order you are given the opportunity to preview and verify your order online before submitting payment. Did you do this? They also immediately email order confirmations, at least 2-3 of them. If there was a mistake on your order then why didn't you contact them immediately and before your order was shipped? I would say by not doing this you were being pretty irresponsible. A no-return policy on electronics and cameras is not so unusual. Would you want to purchase and receive a camera that someone else had returned, restocked in a warehouse and shipped out to you? I think not! I would not want a store to sell me an expensive camera that has been returned and shipped around the country like that. The odds of it being damaged from all the shipping and handling while in transit that many days are high.

eee9a61d, 2011-05-20, 03:30PM CDT

I ordered 2 squirrel feeders from songbird gardens I received 2 squirrel condos that actually cost $20.00 more each. I called to ask for the correct order and the woman I spoke to was very rude and told me I would have to handle this by emai, I did and I haven't heard back

Debbie R., 2014-05-24, 11:06AM CDT

Why is ONLY hummingbirds pictures the ONLY PICTURES that can be pinned to Pinterest? I would like to pin pictures to my Pinterest boards, but I can't get it to pin anything. Why isn't your whole website able to pin on Pinterset? You could get a lot more advertisements and maybe even more sales if your whole website and pictures could be pinned on Pinterest. I would think that you would want more advertisement bussines so you could get more sales.

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