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Posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at 11:55am CST by aa8fb420

Product: UPS shipping at Staples

Company: Staples

Location: US

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On August 20, 2009 I sold a high end coffee maker. I shipped it at my local Staples shipping center (in the original manufacturers box with plenty of packing material). I insured it for $400 thinking I was protecting myself and the person that bought the unit (valued at $900). When it was received, it was completely destroyed. The box was punctured and the unit was in pieces. The purchaser was very upset and I promptly refunded her money, knowing I had insured it. Staples has been nothing but useless in this whole process. I faxed all the documents they requested, and felt all was well. Then weeks later they said they need different documents because they had asked for the wrong ones. I did so. They NEVER contact me, I had to call them weekly and sometimes daily to get any action taken, and they have finally decided to send me $25 on this claim. They now say that is all they will send because I threw the unit away and they can not inspect it (and they NEVER told me I should store the unit). But the unit was already inspected by UPS (before being shipped back to me AT MY COST ($10 more). They did not ask to see it for over 3 months. And I knew it had already been inspected, so I saw no reason to continue to store it, plus I was told several times that everything was OK and a check was being issued and I should receive it in several weeks. On numerous occasion I was told they could not tell me the amount of the check, and they obviously have stalled this claim for months and now say I should have kept the unit (we are now into December). They blame all this on UPS and refuse to correct the situation. In my mind, they took my money for insurance and now refuse to pay (they claim this is because UPS is also refusing). If this is the case, that is not my problem, they need to pay me, and then take up the situation with UPS. Then I finally got to speak to UPS and they tell me Staples never filed the claim for the correct amount anyway, and that I am not their customer, Staples is, so Staples should correct this as I said. Staples has completely messed up this whole process and seems unable to keep track of any details for a claim and files it appropriately. Talking with a supervisor does no good, they refuse to tell you there full name (I assume so they do not get in trouble, or named in any complaints like this). I would recommend that nobody ever ship from Staples. I have now seem many complaints online for this very same reason. This is totally unacceptable treatment for a customer. I guess I should have blown off my customer like Staples has done to me. Now I am out the $350 that I sold the item for. Why sell insurance if you are not going to honor it?

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37059a34, 2010-08-30, 07:27AM CDT

I couldn't agree any more. I sold a guitar through ebay well worth over $400.00, so I put $400 insurance on it. It happened to sell for 280 + 60 Shipping (to Hawaii) and for $400 insurance. The box got crushed by UPS, and I was told I am only getting reimbursed for the 'fair market value'. Well this guitar model is less than a year old an with the upgrades I did to it, it was over the 379 retail price. I was told by several UPS and Staples representatives, if I could provide proof of value, I'd be reimbursed the actual value of the guitar. After numerous calls wasting my time, I find out that the ebay sale value is the 'fair market value'. That's not only ridiculous, it's not in any part of the contract.

I will NEVER use Staples to ship products nor will I ever use them for any purchases ever again. Why was I told by numerous people I'd be reimbursed if I wasn't going to be? These weren't strangers on the street, they were representatives of the Staples corporation, as well as UPS.

Absolutely disgusting customer service practice, and I HIGHLY recommend AVOIDING Staples completely.

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