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Posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2009 at 4:38am CST by 7c0375c3

Product: Burger King Complaint

Company: Burger King

Location: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
Miami, FL, 33126, US

URL: http://www.burgerking.ca/

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I regularly go to this Burger King (650 St-Joseph Blvd, Gatineau, Qc, CANADA) always to buy the King of the day special. But this Burger King is a joke because never has it been able to "measure up" to normal fast food standards. (I know because I worked in fast foods for some years now) The food is too cold, the order is not accurate, the service is inapropriate, etc. I believe that I can count on one hand the number of times that the experience was acceptable. Yesterday, they found a way to put a scotch tape note on the drive-thru intercom that was stating that the drive-thru was closed! The only explanation that was given is the fact that, amongst the pivoting window, the cash and the timer system, the wireless headset of the cashier had not been working efficiently for a while, and for that reason, the working assistant manager decided it was enough. Also, I noticed that 8 times out of ten when I ordered thru the drive-thru, the cashier was asking to move ahead once the payment was received while the order was being assembled. I told her that, given the fact that there were no other vehicles behind me, I could wait at the window which would be more appropriate because it would save her some steps. But she told me to move anyway because she was timed by some chronometer which would negatively impact on her if I didn't clear the drive-thru window.

I am wondering how this particular location is still operating. There is an average of 6 persons total at peek times on any given day. This location has to be a company's way to loose money and justify a no-profit situation (if ever they are making some sort of money at other location!)...

I seriously doubt that this company has some real human motivation in staying in business... It is sooooooo not in the same game as McDonald's and Wendy's...

Poor Burger King. I hope I will be there to see you close... It won't be a surprise that's for sure!

A customer that can't believe how this kind of business manages to remain open!

I'll be damn if this complaint ever gets the company's attention...

Their slogan has to be some sort of misunderstandings. It should say:



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