Never Lufthansa again as long as I don't have to...

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 3:49am CST by 57c06ce6

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I bought a ticket from Lufthansa (220 3667343382) for my trip from Istanbul to Toulouse to Istanbul.

My return flight from Toulouse to Francfurt was cancelled. That's natural as we cannot control the weather and acceptable according to flight safety. Lufthansa issued a new ticket for me and arranged accommadation. BUT; next day me and many other Frankfurt passengers were kept on the check-in queue for ages because Munich passengers has priority (???).

Anyway, after a long waiting, we finally delivered our luggages and checked-in. We arrived to Frankfurt and started to wait for our connection flight to Istanbul. Lufthansa declared 1 hour delay. Then change the gate number. Then took all the passengers to aircraft.

We waited another 1 hour in the aircraft after the gate is closed. Captain announced that we were waiting for the luggages to come to our aircraft and explain the situation that there is not enough handling staff to bring our luggages (???) He said he is pushing hard but nothing to do other than wait. After another half an hour he announced that they couldn't take all the luggages and has to depart without taking them (???) Otherwise the flight will be cancelled. He started to engines and taxi to the runway. On a sudden, he stopped the aircraft and announced that a missunderstanding occured between handling staff and the tower so we cannot take-off because we don't have clearance. He shut the engines down. All the passengers started to moan if the aircraft has a defect and Lufthansa hides. We waited again another very disturbed half an hour for captain to announce that we have the clearance and ready to take-off. After a total of 3 hours delay (2 hours trapped in the cabin) we took-off.

Meal served; pasta with bread (???). Who would eat bread with pasta for God sake after waiting 3 extra hours. I waited for a little drink to able to swallow the completely dry meal, cabin crew brought my drink 5 min later after I finish my meal. No wet towel to clean my hands.

When we arrived to Istanbul, my both luggages came but one of them was seriously damaged. The handle was totaly broken (!!!) I went to ground service office and it was full of people arguing for their missing luggages. I fill the form and was paid 65 Turkish Lira to repair it.

As you see, dissappointment on every aspect.


My best regards,

Mr. Ozkan Cengiz


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