Dolphin Beach Tan

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 1:30pm CST by 7f83dfef

Product: Tanning

Company: Dolphin Beach Tan

Location: Columbus, Oh, US


Category: Other

I bought a 6-month membership in April and was under the impression it would cancel in October after the 6 months. After moving away from the area, I saw the membership fee had been taken out in November. I called Dolphin Beach and they said they would cancel my membership and send me the cancellation form to fill out. I never received the form, so I called two more times in November, and both times I was ensured the money would not be taken out in December. AGAIN, the money was withdrawn in December. I called again, and the manager told me that it actually hadn't been cancelled and she would put the form in the mail that day. I asked about the refund of December's fees and she said she would call me back after talking to the district manager...I never received a call so I called several more times and left messages, to no response. I called again on December 23 and finally got to speak with Peter, the district manager. He told me that since I signed a contract, I was obligated to pay December even though I have been trying extremely hard to get it cancelled for December and was reassured several times I would not get charged. I worked for AT&T and I understand contracts, but I also understand customer service. I paid for the highest package they offer and also bought several lotions. There is a location in Las Vegas and I was willing to continue my patronage with Dolphin Beach, but for some reason, I can use every location in Columbus, but not the Las Vegas one. Peter stated they need a 30-day window cancellation notice, even though I never received the form. I am understanding of the November fees even if the "6-month" membership was misleading, but I should be refunded the December fees.


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