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Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 11:27am CST by 573f42a1

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Company: Delta Airlines

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I'm writing to find out the most effective way of filing a complaint about Delta Airlines.

My name is Basak O, and I am a business traveler who uses Delta's services frequently. However, my latest experience with Delta has been exhausting, disappointing, and painful. I was supposed to be on Delta Flight Number 148 on December 19, 2009; however, due to weather conditions, my flight was canceled. My Delta number was DYOK36. I had to miss a very important meeting; I suffered financial loses; and I was very upset at the rudeness of the Delta personnel at JFK. Then they put me on a direct flight to Istanbul on December 20, 2009, *which was canceled not because of the weather but because the flight attendants could not make it to the airport. Upon hearing this disappointing news, I went to collect my baggage from Delta, but they were unable to find it, although they did make me wait for five hours at JFK. They finally told me that my luggage would be waiting for me in Istanbul. I wanted to speak with a Delta representative to cancel my flight and collect my money back, but there was absolutely no one available. Furthermore, no one picked the telephone for 72 hours at Delta!*

Because I had an important business awaiting me in Istanbul, I left JFK on a Turkish airlines flight on December 20, 2009. I had to pay a lot of money to get on that flight, and now that I am in Istanbul, I still have no luggage.

*I just called the Delta office to get a refund. Surprisingly enough, they claim that on December 20, I did speak with a Delta representative, and I agreed to be put on a flight on December 31, 2009. I can assure you that no such thing happened on that day. Plus, there is no way I would agree to be put on that flight. I did not (and could not!) speak with anyone on December 20, and I did not sign any paperwork that indicates that I did.*

I am very disappointed at all these unfortunate events that happened to me in the past 72 hours. I am not planning to do any further business with Delta.

I have found out that the company is not planning to refund my ticket and that they have officially lost my luggage. I cannot reach them through telephone. What should I do?


Basak O


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