PNC Bank - PNC Bank Extorts More Money

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 1:58pm CST by 457b109c

Product: Visa Credit Card

Company: PNC Bank

Location: P.O. Box 3429
Pittsburgh, PA, 15230-3429, US


Category: Other

Just wanted to inform you that in total disgust I canceled my credit card, I was sent a letter saying my interest rate, etc. was being raised because of a limited relationship, serious delinquencies, and a high debt ratio.

Shame on you for being liars, I went to my bank where we pulled my credit record and there are no past due accounts or delinquencies that could be identified for the 48-month reporting period.

The limited relationship is correct. I believe being a customer of 4-years, on-time payments, and always paying beyond the minimum due is a limited relationship on your short sighted part. Too bad National City was taken over by low life scum like yourselves.

As for the debit ratio, funny I was able to secure an equity line which exceeds $150,000 and by the way matches the amount I have invested in my local bank. They understand relationships and perhaps you could learn from them.

It is apparent that this is a tactic PNC uses to jack up interest rates and extort money from clients that have accounts in good standing. I will to the fullest extent possible provide all the free publicity for PNC I can. Starting with Banking Authorities and attempt to engage an attorney to pursue a class action suit based on your fraudulent claims my credit was less than desirable as stated in your letter.

I spent twenty years of my life honorably serving the United States of America in our military to ensure our country remained free of your kind. You are the problem with the economy in the United States of America and crooks like you should not be allowed to freely roam and rape and pillage our country.


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