Tom Wood Nissan - Dealership Scum

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 5:14pm CST by f826b625

Product: 2008 Nissan Xterra

Company: Tom Wood Nissan

Location: 4150 E. 96th St
Indianapolis, In, 46240, US


Category: Other

Regarding a 2008 Nissan Xterra SE. Purchased the vehicle (brand new) Feb. 2008. Noticed in Oct. 2009 the spare tire, mounted underneith vehicle was missing. I figured it might have been stolen so I purchased a new rim and tire (approx. $240). I had approx. 40,000 miles on the vehicle at this time (Nissan factory warranty ended at 36,000 miles or four years, which ever comes first). When I went to mount the replacement spare tire under the vehicle is when I discovered that the mounting hook that secures the tire was broken and had failed. The failure of the hook caused the spare tire to fall off. I took the vehicle to the original dealership where I purchased the vehicle (brand new)to notify them of the issue and to see about getting a replacement hook. Not only did the dealership (Tom Wood Nissan 96th St., Indianapolis, Indiana) refuse to replace the hook or reimburse me for the cost of the tire/rim, they informed me I would need to buy the whole tire mounting unit, $166.60, not including labor. I should inform you at this time, when I purchased the brand new vehicle, I also purchased an extended 100,000 mile warrenty for $1,500. I was told at the time of purchase this would cover me bumper to bumper, beyond 36,000 miles. Also, the two service managers who I dealt with were uncooperative and extremely rude. The only cooperation I received from Tom Wood Nissan, Indianapolis, IN, was the phone number to the Nissan Headquarters to take the matter up with them. I did take the matter up with the Nissan Corporation and I was just informed, they as well will NOT cover the failure of the part. Again, Nissan will NOT cover ANY of my losses: tire, rim, mounting hook, or ANY mounting hardware. I find this decision to be EXTREMElY disappointing and wrong by both the dealership and Nissan. By the way, this has been a month long process.


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