Walmart Product Care / N.E.W. Customer Services Companies, Inc - DEo Not Purchase Walmart Product Care Warranty

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 at 9:51pm CST by 4f4f5b2c

Product: Microsoft Xbox 360

Company: Walmart Product Care / N.E.W. Customer Services Companies, Inc

Location: Corporate Office, 22894 Pacific Blvd, Suite 122,
Dulles, VA, 20166, US

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On October 30, 2007 I purchased an Xbox 360 and an Extended Walmart Product Care Warranty from a Walmart Store in Glen Ellyn, IL. The unit worked until February 5, 2009.

At that time I contact Walmart Product Care and arranged the first attempt at repair. Since then I have sent the unit in a total 6 times - each time for the same error. Each time the unit has been returned to me where it would work from anywhere between a few minutes to a few weeks.

After the unit died for the 5th time I inquired of Walmart Product care about a replacement unit since multiple attempts had been made to repair the unit. I was instructed to send the unit back in and the repair facility would diagnose the issue and report back to Product care. To my surprise the unit was repaired and not diagnosed by the repair facility. Again the unit ceased to function within several days. I contacted Product Care once again and was told to follow the same procedure. This time I even included a note to their repair partner (Assurion) to only diagnose the unit and report their findings to Product Care. Of course they repaired the unit and returned it to me. The unit worked for 2 weeks and again died.

I have made multiple calls to the Customer Service telephone number for Walmart Product Care. I was told in October that I had been approved for a replacement unit and I would be contacted by the "Replacement Department" in 3 to 5 days. I never heard from anyone in the Replacement Department. I contacted Customer Service again and spoke with a supervisor by the name of Nancy. She assured me that she would email a Ms. Evans in Replacements and she would contact me with 1 business day. She also gave me Ms. Evan's direct phone line. Ms. Evans NEVER contacted me. Ms. Evans never returned any of my calls. I left several messages asking her to please contact me so the situation could be resolved.

On December 14th I contacted customer service and repeated my story to a Customer Service Rep. I asked if there was anyone that I could speak with to resolve the replacement issue on that telephone call. I was placed on hold for a few minutes and when "Danielle" returned to the call told me that the only method of resolution would be to speak with Ms. Evans. Danielle told me she would email Ms. Evans and ask her to contact me. There was no one else in the company that could resolve this issue.

I feel I have made every attempt to resolve this situation with the company. The unit has been in for service 6 times. Their warranty document states that after 3 repair attempts the unit will be replaced. That obviously has not yet taken place, even though customer service tells me I am approved for a replacement unit.

At best this company is completely incompetent. Internal emails are ignored and Customer Service Reps each tell a different tale. At worst this company is committing fraud by not honoring their warranty and outright ignoring their customer.

I would highly recomment NOT purchasing an extended service warranty from Walmart. The company they use to handle these requests does NOT honor their warranties.


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I bought a vizio tv,hd flat panel,32 in from walmart in southcounty,part of st.louis mo,on april 8th,2009.Also bought a 2 yr extended service plan,which I was assured by the walmart employee that it would either repair or replace the set if it failed .It failed on 1/23/2012.Still under their plan,I called walmart,who then told me its out of their hands and had me call the plans company,which seems to be several days,several calls,and being on hold with them for hours,they want to send me a gift card to walmart for 150 dollars.Now I know tv's are cheaper now,but,where can you buy a 32 in vizio lcd hd flat panel for 150....and then,why would I want to shop at a company that doesnt honor its service plans.As of today,I've been waiting for several days so a....supervisor....from both walmart and their service plans company to call me.I just got off the phone with their plans company,and was told that all they would be willing to do is send me the walmart card for 150.DO NOT BUY ANT SERVICE PLANS FROM WALMART....I was told when I bought mine,that walmart would either repair or replace the tv if it failed within the 3 yrs.Their plans company told me to ..."throw the tv away"...that they wouldnt fix or replace it.Ill never shop at WALMART again,sad thing is,I've bought 3 flatpanels and service plans from them in the last 3 yrs.Just a warning to everyone....their plans company wont return calls,walmart wont return calls...and when you call either and try to resolve anything,your put on hold for hours and no one answers cant talk to anyone that can ....fix...the problem.I'll be contacting my BBB and vizio....what junk...and this set is played like 2 or 3 hours a week in the bedroom by my wife.BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

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