Turn 10 studios ( divsion of Microsoft - Turn 10 stealing

Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2009 at 12:37am CST by f71de160

Product: Gaming

Company: Turn 10 studios ( divsion of Microsoft

Location: Redmond WA

Category: Other

Turn 10 has stolen Game content from my in game profile

They have been dirty and underhanded with and refuse to make things right

The name of the game is Forza 3

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Bryan R., 2013-08-21, 02:09AM CDT

turn 10 studios stolen from me too they banned me of there server on forza horizon and said i had cars i never owned when you try and talk to someone about it the give u a email address that is never answered and they dont answer there Better Business complaints what ever happend to the customer is right?

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