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Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2009 at 9:06am CST by dd97fbb0

Company: Superior Tile

Location: Marlborough, 01752, US

Category: Other

Please, Please, Please, never let this man into your home or business to do any kind of service work. We hired him to tile a new room in our house and the following resulted:

1) Ruined a brand new, hand made Oak Mantle

2) Left 10 square feet of grout wash on my lawn right off the driveway.

3) Threw grout wash onto my patio, all over a very expensive fence, and into landscaped plants.

4) Took my broom, 4 foot level, and bath towel

5) Gauged brand new Maple wood work because he did not know how to use the handle on the window

6) Used my shower to dump grout wash into filling it with sand and backing it up.

7) Gauged holes in 4 marble tiles out in the foyer of the adjacent room.

8) Left the outside door into the room open 4 nights in a row because he did not know how to close the door.

9) After explaining to him twice about leaving the face of the fireplace open for an insert, he installed the tiles jutting out so that they will have to be removed in order put insert in!

In all my years I have never, ever, had to deal with such a mess left by a service provider.


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08ffe7f4, 2010-01-07, 04:38PM CST

My name is Roger Labbe. I have all the before and after pictures of the work I unfortunately had to do for this man. This is known as a google bomb. Its happening more and more to people of all stripes. Please read GOOGLE BOMB by SUE SCHEFF. Anybody can write anything about anybody or anything they want with limited consequences. Its now the wild wild west on line. Roger labbe 978 263 9925. 25 years in the business, bonded and insured. Its sad to see the new stare of affairs

08ffe7f4, 2010-01-08, 09:38AM CST

My name is roger labbe. I,m the owner of superior tile in marlboro ma. What this man is commiting is libel and slander. I have before and after pictures of how nice a job we did. What this libelist is doing is called a google bomb. Please read GOOGLE BOMB BY SUE SCHEFF If I did what this person is alleging, why did he pay me in full at the end of the job.

dd97fbb0, 2010-02-12, 05:59AM CST

It is now February 12, 2010 and Roger Labbe has not come over to make good on the damage he did. He gave the "Born Again" song and dance. Do not hire this man. DO NOT GIVE HIM A PENNY UP FRONT.

4436ff3c, 2010-03-17, 09:19PM CDT

Look in the Middlesex News archives. February 19th, 1987. Roger Labbe is a rapist. Front page left picture. Rapist. !!! DO NOT LET ROGER LABBE IN YOUR HOME!!!

20577fd3, 2010-03-17, 09:40PM CDT

Check Middlesex News archives. February 19th, 1987 - FRONT PAGE PICTURE - Roger Labbe is a RAPIST *** Do not under any circumstances let this person in your home! *** He is extremely dangerous! ***

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