Posted on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 11:49am CST by c31ccd7a

Company: Ashley Furniture Homestore

Location: Las Vegas, Ne, US

Category: Other

I WAS a loyal customer of Ashley Furniture so many years. In fact my entire home is fashioned by Ashley. Although I love their furniture I am less than thrilled with their employees, customer service specialist and delivery department.

Five years ago I bought a leather room package to include the leather warranty. The salesman told us the warranty included pet damage. I have 2 very large dogs (1 is over 150 lbs.) and at the time of purchase they were puppies. The salesman told us ANY damage to the furniture caused by the dogs would be covered. We specifically asked him "how about scratches and chewed through leather? " he told us "yes". So we confidently purchased the package with warranty. The total cost was over $2500.

Yes, you guessed it! As our puppies grew bigger and stronger, they damaged the couches. We called customer service to report the damage. They asked us about the type of damage and the cause. Customer service promptly told us that "type" of damage was not covered. They explained to us that all that was included in that warranty as far as pet damage is stains or marks other than fluids. So basically pet damage in the sense of the Ashley Furniture definition is NOT covered. I told the customer service agent what their salesman explained to us about the warranty. She basically told us he lied. No sincerity, no apology, no consessions.

So I went into the original Ashley store to get some answers. I found out the salesman was longer working for the company but they could sell me the cushions to the couches for $50 each.

But I found out my package was discontined.

What I ended up doing was purchasing 3 cushions from a matching package. The cushions were measured by an Ashley Floorperson.

When my cushions arrived paid in full with racked on delivery fee, we discovered the cushions were 3Xs as big as the other cushions and were of no use. We tried to return the product with the explaination that this was AshleyFurniture's mistake; the measurements were wrong.

We were told, after the fact, that these items were final sale, no returns, no exchange, no refund.

Very fustrated I returned, again to the orginal Ashley Homestore ( which is about a half hour drive from my home) to purchase a brand new package. The saleswoman was sensitive to my situation and found me the perfect pieces to compliment my existing decor. The manager even gave me 15% off my total order and free delivery. I was given a Dec. 1, 2009 delivery date. Everything was great.

The next week customer service left a message on my cell phone which stated that Dec 1 was not available for delivery. They told me I would be receiving my items Dec 2 2009.

Today is Dec 2 2009. I didn't receive a call Dec 1 to confirm my delivery time. I called customer service at 9 am, right at their call center opening to discuss my delivery. To my suprise I had no delivery date, not for today or any other day. I explained from start to finish my past experience with Ashley to the agent. She apologized but could only offer me a Dec 9, 2009 delivery date. I told her that was unacceptable and I would like delivery tomorrow Dec 3, 2009. She told me that was not possible and the only date they had was Dec 9. I accepted that date, because that was all I could do. Hopefully my furniture, paid in full with cash will arrive, on the 3rd promised date.

The date I bought the furniture was Nov 18, 2009. Due to my experience, the lies told to me just to sell a warranty, poor customer service and relations and lack of communication within the Ashley Furniture community, I will no longer step foot in an Ashley store buy anything from them. They seem to not care about repeat and long time customers. They basically treat people like they are doing us a favor by allowing us to purchase items from them. I will tell all my friends and anyone that will listen my experience with Ashley Furnitureand encourage them to shop elsewhere.

I don't understand, in this market how can anyone afford to give such bad service? It is these poor business pratices that will ultimately lead this company to lose customers. I am one of them.


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