General Electric Company - Best recycle GE energy smart bulbs while still in the pac

Posted on Saturday, December 19th, 2009 at 2:10pm CST by e06cb45e

Product: GE eco Flourescent bulbs

Company: General Electric Company

Location: Nela Park
Cleveland, OH, 44112, US

Category: Other

If you are looking for "earth-friendly" you can forget GE "energy smart" cfl lightbulbs.

The quality control is attrocious!!! on this line of bulbs. I am experiencing a loss of one bulb per pac of three. You twist in the bulb and nothing happens, then a weak light appears at the base of the bulb and never goes beyond into the rest of the coil. And it is not the seating, as a identical bulb will light in thesame fixture. And good luck getting the company to respond once you have thrown away the packing and reciept, proof of purchase and your other data needed to begin the process.

I bought these bulbs to be earth-friendly, as they are supposed to use less power and provide the same light. I can go back to incandescent with less real impact on the environment than throwing away expensive and dangerous Mercury-laced bulbs like these.

The bulbs are made in China - right next to the "lead" toy store I imagine.

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ed31e997, 2012-09-06, 10:48AM CDT

I had a GE CFL that was guaranteed for 5 years fail after exactly four years. I wrote to GE at the address on the bulb's packaging (I had saved it), included the receipt from the hardware store and the dead bulb. Eight months later I still haven't heard from GE. Too big to honor their promises...

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