Toshiba America Information Systems - Buy $2100+ Toshiba Laptop, Send 8 Times for Repair, Toshiba Sez, Here's $700, Go Away & Shut Up

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2009 at 12:53am CST by bebbf173

Product: Toshiba Satellite P100

Company: Toshiba America Information Systems

Location: Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. 9740 Irvine Boulevard
Irvine, CA, 92618-1697, US

Category: Other

6/8/2006, I bought a laptop from Toshiba Direct for $2,139, and paid Toshiba Direct something extra for a 2-year extended warranty. The laptop failed in a week (blue screen of death). I sent it to repair, as directed, 8 times in 3 years. It has never been operable. This junker, Serial #66058553W, sits on my desk today, unable to turn on or operate.

Despite following instructions from Toshiba Customer Service, I am unable to get them to deliver me a computer in working order. I have had effectively no use of a $2,139 computer. Requested replacement after 3rd repair under warranty failed in 12/2006. Denied, told to send to repair depot again. 6/30/2007, requested replacement as computer still did not work after one year of repeated failed repair efforts. Denied. Computer always comes back with same problem: Turn it on, it turns itself off, turns itself on, turns itself off, etc., about a dozen times, then goes to blue screen of death.

After 4th Toshiba Repair Depot failure, in July 2007, was told by Customer Service Toshiba "could not" replace unless Repair Depot declared it "uneconomical to repair." Repair Depot refuses to declare it so. Customer Service sighs, Unfortunately, that means our hands our tied. We cannot replace it without that declaration from Repair Depot.

Told to send it to Nexicore, Toshibas top of the line, VIP repair depot. 2 more failures to repair, at Nexicore.

Now Toshiba says it is responsibility of Extended Warranty company to replace computer, and Extended Warranty company says it is up to Toshiba to repair. Both deny responsibility.

John Kelly (1-888-598-7801, [email protected]), Corp CR SrCM, Executive Referrals at Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. emailed me on 12/10/2009, and made a "Final Offer" ultimatum--take $700.32, or give Nexicore one final chance to repair, with no recourse if repair fails a 9th time. Threatened to put notes in my file instructing Customer Service about "Final Offer" and telling them to do nothing more for me. Then he did so.

Toshiba failed to repair and refused to replace the junker while under warranty, Repair Depot refuses to declare "uneconomical to repair," especially now that the most recent failures to repair occurred at Nexicore, thus blocking Customer Service from authorizing replacement, and neither local Authorized Repair, nor Repair Depot, nor Nexicore could repair it, despite 8 opportunities. Toshiba Direct cannot deliver a working laptop, nor repair it so it does work, but they can set up a complicated circle of divisions and separate companies to avoid responsibility.

Toshiba WILL NOT stand behind its product, even if you buy it from Toshiba Direct.

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53112047, 2010-04-07, 06:03PM CDT

If I were you, I would now consider legal action against Toshiba. If you have documented proof of this, I would get an attorney involved. I'd take your proof to a lawyer and have him write Toshiba and their third party warranty company a letter demanding they honor their warranty with a satisfactory fix, whole unit replacement or total refund of the money and the unit declared a lemon. Certified letters from an attorney's office usually shows companies you are serious and most often gets results. If in the event they ignore the letter from your attorney, I would then file suit in court to either get a court order for them to replace the laptop or sue for

the cost of the laptop, time off work, legal fees, court costs et cetera. Usually Magistrate/General District Court(depending on what your state calls it) handles cases like this through Small Claims court if the matter in dispute is less than anywhere from $1000-$5000. Filing in small claims court or the equivalent in whatever state you're in generally is not expensive. If you have the documented proof and you can show that to the judge, it is likely he will award a judgment against Toshiba in your favor or order Toshiba to honor the warranty with a satisfactory fix, replacement or refund.

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