Viewpoint Bank - Bank compromises account data

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2009 at 1:36pm CST by e06cb45e

Product: Checking account

Company: Viewpoint Bank

Location: ViewPoint Bank P.O. Box 869105 Plano, TX 75086-9105
Plano, TX, 75086, US


Category: Other

Corporate officers at Viewpoint Bank in Plano, TX are earning $500K or more for performance that isn't worth a dime. (See

Their handling of secure banking processes like maintaining privacy and control over the database of account numbers is like watching a re-run of the old keystone cops.

First I receive a letter saying my debit card may have been compromised in a recent security breach and that I could re-order one if I wanted but it probably was unnecessary. I did so immediately. Subesequently, I got a letter instructing me to order a new card and that the security breach was in fact a threat for real.

Later my wife got the same letter, and she ordered a new card. When the card came in the mail, it had obviously been steamed open, and so on a visit to the bank, I showed them the tampered envelope and I requested they reissue the card for my wife and asked them to hold it at the bank for her to pick it up.

Now, weeks later, we call to see if the card has arrived (as we have received no call to pick it up. And they say they there is no card - my wife will have to call for it her self.

This is beyond belief - and another demonstration of how far the banking industry has fallen - it is now McBanking, and professionalism has gone out the window.

Weeks without a debit card - she has had to rely on my schedule to provide her with cash and debit purchase assistance. Now we are faced with another wait before she can get a card. My Advice is avoid this bank and try Community.


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