Carmax - Carmax Subpoena's Fraud Investigators

Posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 8:05am CST by 5d51298b

Company: Carmax

Location: richmond, va, US


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On October 1, 2009 the Seeker of Justice posted complaints on various websites to inform the public about accounting fraud within CarMax, this has lead to multiple employees losing their jobs because they tried to stop the corruption. The Seeker of Justice has received many follow-up emails with internal and external examples of fraud at CarMax. The Seeker of Justice is investigating each one.

While we cannot discuss the details of the investigations, we can however disclose CarMaxs recent move to find out the identity of the Seeker of Justice. As you all know this is public information anyway.

Here is a snippet from the email we received from Google.

Google has received a civil subpoena for information related to your Google account in a case entitled CarMax, Inc. et al. v. John Doe, Circuit Court, County of Goochland, Commonwealth of Virginia, Case number CL09000177-00.

While this attempt from CarMax violates our Constitutional and privacy rights, we are confident that Google will not disclose our identity to anyone, besides, that was the agreement between us and Google when we created the Gmail account.

Beware of KMX stock right now, this is the only fair advice we can give you. The seeker of Justice will not stop until the corruption stops and the individuals that are covering this up are brought to Justice. The Seeker of Justice will not stop until the families that were destroyed are made whole again.

Please tell all your friends and family about what is going on at Carmax. Also if you are aware of any fraudulent activities within CarMax please shoot us a detailed email at [email protected] Together we can stop the corruption.

If each of you pass this message on to ten people you know that possibly has or will purchase Carmax stock you will have made them aware of what is really happening.

Seeker Of Justice


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