Microsoft - MSDN Sharepoint Server Forums complaint

Posted on Wednesday, December 16th, 2009 at 9:50am CST by cb58af3a

Product: MSDN Sharepoint Server Forums

Company: Microsoft

Category: Computers, Software

To whom it may concern,

I have been trying to get a complaint dealt with by the Microsoft MSDN forum customers sevices and have been getting more and more frustrated with their inability to solve the issue. The originally issue was the attitude from a senior MVP moderator who was being extremely sarcastic and snide in his remarks about my questions and also in his language to other moderators. After the initial complaint I was asked to supply them with a number of relatively easy to find details (some of which were the URLs to their own forums!!). After supplying this AND MORE (including screenshots of his posts) I was told that I would have to wait 72hours for a reply. This was almost 4 months ago. Wach time I have waited for at least 5 days for a reply, only for none to be forthcoming. I then request more information on the subject until I get another automated response with the 72 hour guarantee. After about 2 months I was told that the issue had been resolved and the moderator in question had been banned from moderating those forums. This would have ended the issue apart from the fact that they forgot to tell the moderator he was banned and he replied to a new thread I had added. The merry-go-round then resumed and is still revolving as we speak.

As you can imagine, I was angry with the fact that this issue was taking so long to be solved, but the fact that they felt they could a) lie to me about it and b) not expect me to find out is ridiculous!! What kind of customer service is this? Are Microsoft not one of the largest companies in the world? I have also constantly requested a phone number so that I could speak to a manager, and have asked for a manager to reply to me with their full name (I have had a different "Manager" reply to each of my emails, only putting their first name. This has led me to believe that either they change managers each day, or they simply tell everyone that they should say they are managers. Either way this is wrong.

I truly hope you can help me escalated this issue further and actually get a resolution to it.

Kind Regards,



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