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Posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 2:53pm CST by f414241d

Product: Checking account service

Company: Us Bank

Location: US


Category: Other

I just got off the phone with the WORST customer service agent I have ever spoken with. I called to ask about some overdraft fees i had on my account. After speaking politely and asking the questions i felt i had to ask, I caught the rep in a bit of a lie when she told me she can see where other agents have explained how the overdraft policy works, i asked for the date and time of these previous conversations(since she said she was looking at them). She then told me, with a raised voice, that she doesnt have that kind of info on her computer. I was like, what, i thought you said you can see ive been explained ths before! She then changed her story to "well sir you just told me you have spoken to us about this in the past" When i confronted her and asked why she lied to me thats when it really got out of hand, she started yelling and interupting me while telling me "her hang up lines" I asked for a manager and was told one wasnt available. I asked for her name and employee ID and location, she gave the info then proceded to tell me someone would be in contact with me in 24hrs., then hung up!

HER info:

Sam (didnt offer last name)

ID# 24238

24hr Banking center in


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