Samsung Electronics - Samsung TV problem

Posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 10:27am CST by a308c33b

Product: Samsung 32 LCD TV

Company: Samsung Electronics

Location: US

Category: Other

My wife purchased a Samsung 32" TV on or about Dec 3, 2009.

I went to Comcast and got a high def cable box and attached it to the TV. The cable box attaches to the Samsun TV via an HDMI cable.

I went through the standard setup. Next step was to set a timer that turns the TV on automatically each morning.

Next morning the TV comes on but no picture. I check and the source is no longer HDMI, it's cable. I presume I have set the timer incorrectly and try to reset it. This entry cannot be modified.

I call customer support and explain the problem. They first ask if I can connect the TV any other way. I tell them that the HDMI cable is the only cable I have and why would I need to connect it any oter way?

They then tell me the TV is working correctly and that I should contact the cable company. I ask them if they are serious, that I should call the cable company because my TV timer doesn't turn on to the right source. They tell me they are.

It is obvious that there is a problem with the TV software. If I turn the set on manually it works fine and uses the correct source. Since I am not given a source option of HDMI when using a timer, this is what is causing the timer to not operate correctly.

There is another problem with the timer. I selected the option to have the timer turn the TV on automatically, Monday through Saturday. About every three days it just doesn't go on when it is supposed to. Each time it fails to turn on I chack and the date and time are correct.

It seems silly to need to go out and spend 29.00 on an alarm clock after spending $400.00 for a high def TV.

Next TV will be Sony or Panasonic.


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