Blogging4cash - Presumed Google online job offer

Posted on Monday, December 14th, 2009 at 11:40am CST by 054f09fb

Product: online job offer

Company: Blogging4cash

Location: HI, 96826-4450, US


Category: Online Scams

This company is using Google as bait to entice people to sign up at their job site which is supposedly posting links for Google. Checks are/were shown on the website as having been paid by Google to consumers who sign up. I signed up for $1.97 through a Yahoo website. Three days later my credit card was charged $74.97 and a few days later another $19 plus was charged to my account.

Once you have given your credit card information, there is no further mention of Google and it becomes clear very quickly that this is some type of sales job (if it is, in fact, a job at all.)

Please investigate. There are foreign transaction fees associated with this.


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