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Posted on Monday, December 14th, 2009 at 10:19am CST by c4813e61

Company: Fido Solutions Inc.

Location: Suite 4000 800 de la Gauchetiere Ouest
Montreal, QC, H5A 1K3, CA


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Client services do not exist with FIDO. The company makes it as difficult as possible for their customer agents to assist with your requests and/or difficulties because they are forced to work without the necessary tools. Consequently, they are always UNHAPPY or ANNOYED to talk to you which results to a bad experience altogether. This is a vicious and unacceptable cycle.

I've been with FIDO for quite a number of years especially because they're now the only company that uses SIM cards (my experience with Rogers was not ideal either to say the least). I've been good and paid my bills on time. The only other time I had a serious complaint (since I don't like paper wastage) is when I couldn't log-in to the client portal (after they migrated to their most current interface) which took forever to get fixed and several phone calls much to their dismay (as they thought the problem would just simply go away). Since I couldn't (or wait to) print out my invoices to submit my company expenses, I had to order a paper copy which costed me something like $10.00 CAD. Of course they would not re-imburse me even after saving them $$ by choosing online billing and the fact that it was their fault I couldn't print out my invoices. Imagine how upsetting that is!

This time, I requested to cancel my account when my contract expires on January 31, 2009. Apparently they can't process an advance notice and I HAVE TO CALL ON DECEMBER 31ST TO ENSURE THAT THEY CANCEL MY SERVICES 30 DAYS LATER. The customer service agent on the phone even said, "Well I would put it on my personal task list but I can't be sure if I'm even working that day." (I was not only APALLED but very DISGUSTED by this comment.) They require a 30-day notice for cancellation BUT YOU CAN'T CALL IN ADVANCE. How absurd can that be? Based on my experience with them, I can bet you a million dollars that if I call on New Year's Day that they will refuse to cancel it on the expiry date. Don't count on me paying you a million bucks though since it is as fake as their customer service.

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1c8043eb, 2013-07-16, 07:34PM CDT

HI .

I whant to switch to the electronic billing.

mustafa ali


acc# 5-2222-7321

add;E70-5980 whitehorn ave

mississauga - ON



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