Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar - Oak Ridge Applebee's--wait staff's gossip regarding a patron's personal life,

Posted on Sunday, December 13th, 2009 at 5:57am CST by b4ae2b99

Product: Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar

Company: Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar

Location: 1213 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN, 37830, US


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I do not remember the exact date. It was shortly after the beginning of Dec. though.

As an always polite, well-tipping customer, I do not appreciate that some of the evening shift wait staff has chosen to gossip and evidently greatly exaggerate my interactions with other patrons. I was the topic of eager discussion amongst a few of the female wait staff (& I am a female) with another customer, as I later discovered. Is this a middle school cafeteria now or what? I do not know their names, but I do recall that one girl had very blond hair.

A request that I would like to offer the servers and host(ess) is that you focus more on your job and a lot less on who I'm (or anyone else) having a conversation with and for how long I do so. Also, the apparent GREAT effort you put into your exaggerations of my camaraderie and friendliness with other customers is REALLY not appreciated by me. If your fantastical tales were actually backed by a bit of truth, I would have a date, maybe 2 dates, every single night! Okay, maybe I'm not handling this correctly. Perhaps I should be flattered that you find my every move so worthy of sharing with other patrons. I'm not flattered though. Not one bit.

I'm nice, well-behaved, personable, I tip generously, & have enjoyed & had no problems with this establishment until this. Embellishing details of my personal life & discussing your disjointed version of it with other customers is inexcusable to me and, it goes without saying, unprofessional. I like Oak Ridge's Applebee's and I really expected a higher level of maturity from you, the wait staff. I'm really disappointed & have lost a lot of respect I had for you on a professional level, unfortunately. If I find that this type of immaturity and lack of decency occurs again (if I choose to even return), it will be Corporate I discuss it with. I have never before locked horns with a business establishment, but I simply will not tolerate having my reputation affected by the sophomoric gossip of a business's staff. A note to any new or even established patrons: Be careful & observant of anything you say or do around the host(ess) or waitress. It's entirely possible that they will take that info, twist it into something "of interest", and then you may be the topic of insulting gossip. I repeat, it's INEXCUSIBLE! I am still finding out bits and pieces. I know this sort of thing happens every day out in the normal world, but I expect more of a business establishment and those whom they choose to hire (and a several of the Applebee's group should likely have been rethought)!

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