Burger King - Are Customers expendable to Burger King !!!!

Posted on Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 5:56pm CST by 19af3167

Product: Fast Food

Company: Burger King

Location: Burger King Corporation 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive (305) 378-3000 Store -- 3629 Forest Lane. Dallas, TX
Miami, FL, 33126, US

URL: http://www.bk.com/

Category: Other

If you care about your customers!

I go to Burger King once or twice a week with my child and wife.

This past Saturday I went to the store 407, at 3629 Forest Lane. Dallas, TX. The Cashier was in a terrible mood already.

She did not greet my wife or me and just gave a blank stare. I ignored that and just placed my order. She took the order rather rudely and instead of giving me the receipt; choose to throw it on the counter.

I didnt do anything to provoke this behavior but I didnt say anything.... just didnt take the receipt.

At this point she said rather loudly told her manager that "They guy didnt take the receipt, I am not gonna serve his a**".

That was more than any self-respecting man can take, so I jumped in the conversation and clarified to the manager her behavior and how she threw the receipt on the counter. The manager did not say anything at all. Wonderful customer service......

After that I stood there to make sure they didnt spit in my food. After collecting my food I went back and was quietly discussing the extremely unprofessional behavior with my wife. At this point the server had the audacity to come to all the tables (except ours) and loudly talk to them that they are how customers should be.

I ignored the rather insulting situation and proceeded to talk to the manager.

When i asked manager about formal complaint procedure, she just ignored ...almost indicating that she didnt understand English well enough.

I had gone there to have some a family outing and lunch instead we got a heavy dose of insult.... FOR WHAT!!!!

If this is how customers are treated at your place, I am want to step my foot again in your chain.

I called the (972) 241-5558 number and the lady disconnected without hearing my complaint. I felt so helpless and weak ... there is nothing that one can do when the manager and employee get together and decide to treat customer as dirt.

I am hoping you guys would be able to help. If not, i would post on numerous blogs, consumer forums and anybody else who would lend ears to this Insulting story.

Here are details from my receipt

Burger Kind Resturant 407, 3629 Forest Lane. Dallas, TX

Order Dine In # 38

2-veggie burger combo

Saturday Dec 12 15:39 T-1 C=104

Server Name ---> Kachhele (Black Teen Girl, with foul mouth)

Manager Name --->Alejandra Martinez



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