Sears - 2006 Kenmore Elite Trio Compressor Kaput

Posted on Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 5:21pm CST by cdf77767

Product: 596.76609600

Company: Sears

Location: Indianapolis, IN, US


Category: Other

We purchased a Kenmore Elite Trio (model # 596.76609600) in November 2006. Last Monday when I opened the refrigerator I found that the temperature was markedly warmer than what it should have been. Upon opening the freezer, I found that everything in there had started melting. When opened, the lights would come on and I could hear the fan running. I called Sears Customer non-Service and a technician was sent the following day. The tech told us that the compressor was shot. The tech ordered the new compressor and told us that it was being ordered 'express' and that the part would be here on Thursday and he would be back on Friday to repair it. Fine. Meanwhile, to chill the milk for my one year old and two year old, I've been keeping it outside (thankfully, the temperatures have been in the 20's and 30's). The compressor did not arrive on Thursday and Friday I spoke with one of Sears' overseas customer non-service people. At that time, I was told that the part was on back order but was being shipped out later that afternoon and would arrive by Monday (Dec.14th). Last night, at around 9pm, I received an automated call saying that the part was still on 'back order' and wouldn't be shipped until December 18th! I'm not really inclined to believe that will happen either - I'm tired of getting my hopes up. Now, my husband and I and our two babies are off to Walmart to buy a big cooler. This isn't exactly how we were planning on spending our holiday money.

Trying to get answers from Sears' Customer non-Service has been a nightmare. The first few times I've called I've had to go through their first line of defense which is an overseas call center with people that barely speak English, but have names like "George", "Toney", and "Marie". A few times I would get through to a second tier with people who did speak English but were very hostile towards me for being upset about the situation and not getting answers. One of them told me that I was being abusive!!! I was just trying to understand how they could say that the compressor was being shipped out later in the afternoon when apparently there are no compressors available until the 18th! I'm just trying to understand how lying to me was in any way, shape, or form helping 'serve' the customer. Long story even longer: I'm fed up with Sears and don't understand how they expect to stay in business selling marginal products and allowing horrific customer service. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position financially to just run out and buy a new refrigerator (I would if I could). I feel my hands are tied and I am at the mercy of Sears. Oh yeah, and here's another kicker: the repair plan that I just bought to get this fixed was $251.00 and has a one year warranty - I was told by one of their customer non-service reps that the warranty goes into effect the day I purchased it (Dec. 7th) even though the compressor isn't even here or installed!!! I'm not even sure this compressor that I have a warranty for right now even exists! I'm beyond frustrated. I would love to dump this worthless refrigerator and all the food that was lost onto Sears' CEO's doorstep. I wonder if he would appreciate the kind of service and treatment that I've received from his company?

Update: the tech is at our home now, however, in addition to the $251.00 we've already paid Sears for a one year warranty on their work, the tech says now we have to pay another $250.00!!! Of course, the compressor that they have listed at their very own parts direct is listed at $319.00, but we're being charged $458.00!!! Once again to boil it down, we're now paying $500.00 to get a refrigerator that is ONLY 3 years old to work again. And Sears/Kenmore thinks this is the right way to do business?! It's sickening.


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