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These guys are SCAMMERS. Even though I thought I was being careful when signing up for this site I still got screwed. Unchecked boxes I didn't want, read fine print, you name it, and still got the shaft. Was told I was I'd be getting "exclusive access" to files but in reality all they did was direct me to a fake login page that didn't work, and then my PC got filled with spyware. For these "services," they charged me for much more than I authorized, and when I tried to contact them about getting a refund (or even an explanation) they just ignored me. At that point, I decided I'd take matters into my own hands. I contacted my bank and they explained to me how I can get my $$$ back: CHARGEBACK.

If you don't know what this is, take a look here:

They explain it very well: "Basically, you do a chargeback when you feel like you're not getting what you paid for, in terms of the quality or type of good or service." Sound familiar?

After that, you contact your credit card company and start the process and give a reason. One of the most common ones is "Services not rendered." If the merchant/scammer cannot prove that you received what you paid for, they get screwed. NO MATTER WHAT, you have nothing to lose: a) they are either found guilty, in which case you get all your money back, they get hit with a penalty and - if enough people do this - are forced to shut down, or b) you fought the good fight and didn't lose anything. Likely, you'll win. The more suspicious and worse the website, the better your chances.

I'm sick and tired of this kind of crap happening to me and everyone else out there. These bastards make a fat living screwing innocent people like you and I on a daily basis and it's time we put an end to it. Please don't idly sit by because "it was only $20" or something to that extent. There is ways to tip the scales back in our favor and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Check out what others have written - AND POST - on the following sites so that more and more people learn the truth about this evil company. The word is getting around and people are starting to take notice.

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a99342a4, 2010-05-28, 06:47AM CDT

Yes, total fruad.

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