Virgin Mobile - bad customer support service

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2009 at 12:14pm CST by 30bdf4e9

Product: Virgin mobile phone

Company: Virgin Mobile

Location: US

Category: Other

I purchased a cell phone from WalMart, went to activate it, was told it had to be charged first. Went home, charged up overnight, went back next day to activate. Paid $20 for 200 minutes plus $5 for text & messaging with credit card. Was told to turn it on, it would not. Was told to charge it again. Went home, charged overnight. Tried to turn it on, would not even turn on. Took it back to WalMart, was told bad phone, got refund. Called Virgin to deactivate and ask for refund. After several attempts to get a live person, explained my problem, was transferred to "refund" department. Explained again the problem and requested refund, was told would transfer me to refund department and was hung up on. Went home and e-mailed them the problem and requested refund. Got e-mail which said they would get back to me shortly. Finally after 2 months tried e-mail again and was told I waited too long.Want my money returned to credit card used


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