BH Management - BH Management Apartments- undisclosed billing pratices

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2009 at 6:08pm CST by d3795de1

Product: Apartment Management

Company: BH Management

Location: Corporate Office Des Moines 400 Locust Street, Suite 790
Des Moines, IA, 50309, US


Category: Other

I've lived in several apartments, and I have never in my life seen a company that in engages in such deceptive practices, as BH Management.

I currently reside in Wakonda Village in Des Moines.

This all started the first second I signed the lease it seems.

The lease is deceptive in it self, they list an amount, for rent, then a discounted amount, on top of that the fee for utilities they pay is separate, and sent to you monthly to be paid on top of your rent.

If you have a pet of course theirs a another fee ontop of all those listed above.

My perticular problem started out with the pet fee. The lease says "A Deposit may be assessed on move-in"

I was not 'assessed' a pet fee in anyway. I don't have a bill, i don't have any sort of written notice, given the the abstract nature of the pet area of lease, it never names amounts, I would expect something written.

The month went by, I paid my rent on time, then several days later a note arrives saying I have a balance on my account of over $300 dollars.


Because of the pet fee that wasn't ever billed, and a late fee for unlate rent of course!

So i take a jog down there there little office, and am informed thats the way it is. They charge a late fee for anyone with a balance above $50.

That is not in there lease, The lease simply states that rent is late after the 5th, and a $40 fee will be charged.

At any rate, I was stone walled, the local staff was unfriendly and unhelpful.

I called the BT Residential Hot line, left a message, explaining what was going on. Waited 2 days, given the message said they would return your call within the next business day. I attempted to call the hotline several more times.

I wrote a letter to BT Management and dropped it in the mailbox here. Stateing that I was never 'assessed' any fees for the pet, or at least never received any notice of it, and stated that I would prefer to take the other side of of the lease, where it states 'if a fee is not assessed resident will be held responsible for all damages' rather then the other side that states states 'resident will be held jointly and severely responsible for all damages' Given that there isn't much difference at all.

I never heard back anything assumed it was resolved. Another month ends, and begins.

Today I receive this letter stating:

Balance: 377.75


Pet Deposit, Monthly pet rent for Descember, water, and trash.

OK, lets do some math here.

My rent is suposed to be:


According to this little green card here, my utilities (trash,water,gas) are %15.40

My pet rent is $20 dollars.

That would make

518+15.40+20 = $553.40

According to my bank my check to them on the first was for $553.40.

At this point I have no choice but to assume they pocketed it.

Speaking with them seems to do no good.

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5bb4cdaa, 2010-05-04, 12:08PM CDT

I have to agree with you on bh mangagement practices that they conduct. I signed a lease and was told that my rent would be 488. so i pay that and the next day i get a letter saying that i still owe 56.00. when talking to the office about this they seem to not care and that i'm expected to now pay this 56.00 that has come out of no where. I have never been late on my rent and i have lived in this community for a year and this was a new lease that i was signing. I WOULD ADVISE EVERYONE TO REALLY THINK ABOUT MOVING INTO ANY COMPLEX RUN BY THIS COMPANY.

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