What happened to me when flying by Air France

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 2:52pm CST by 81e33fc7

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This is a short story narrating how much AIR FRANCE cares for their customers:

I became diabetic after my by pass operation and from that time on I have been very careful about my eating habbits accordingly. When planning my trip ?stanbul-Habana-?stanbul flight with Air France Business Class, I specifially filed a request for a diabetic menu to ensure good health. Every thing went smoothly between ?stanbul Paris and Paris Habana flights where I was served diabaetic meals as per my request. However, on my way back, during the flight on 08.01.2008, I was served, a special meal with my name on it, I find out that there were sweets and sugar containing food on the plate. Thanks God I was careful. I called the hostess immediately and they too were shocked about the non diabetic serving. I filed in a complained about the incident also supported by the staff who actually filled in a report to notify the incident to the Air France authorities. More was yet to come on the connection flight, Paris ?stanbul, the very next day, 09.01.2008. The same unfortunate story was very much repeated and another report was filed in by staff and myself. To make a long story short, business class hostesses of both flights were witnesses to what happened and their names can easily be traced from yhe filed reports and the flight logs.

Had I not been careful enough, very unfortunate health issues, including a diabetic coma would have resulted, not to mention other complications owing to my heart condition.

I believe in calling special attention to such dangerous neglect on the part of Air France and have decided to take the matter to court so that it does not go unnoticed by any means. I presume every one would agree that all Air France customers deserve careful attention to dangerous health conditions and protection to be guaranteed by the flight services, especially since it has been specifically asked for. Health issues deserve very keen follow up which as seen in my case was not exercised.

I hope this court case will ensure the realisation for taking such issues seriously enough to learn from it and guarantee such negligance will no be repeated by AIR FRANCE.

Hurol Bilal

[email protected]


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