Langley Chrysler - Using customer cars for their own use.

Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 1:29pm CST by aac37a00

Product: Dealership mechanic service

Company: Langley Chrysler

Location: 19418 Langley Bypass
Surrey, BC, V3S 7R2, CA


Category: Other

My car was in the shop for a rear defrost malfunction. When I picked it I found Mcdonalds garbage in the back of the car as well as a wallet belonging to a mechanic. Apparently this mechanic took my car to go get his lunch. So basically he took my car without my permission and could have been in an accident and/or drove my car with undue care. I took this stuff back into the service advisor I was dealing with. I made a complaint he assured me that it was not condoned and that the service manager would be back in a couple of days. I phoned the manager he again assured me this was not condoned and against company policy and that if he (the mechanic) did it again he would be fired. I however do not feel alleviated by this at all. I feel that this is a form of stealing. I was offered nothing for my frustration but more frustration.

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2701fde8, 2009-12-12, 09:52AM CST

I work at a restaurant where mechanics come in for lunch and they usually are driving customers cars.I can tell by the car keys they usually lay on the table because they have those tags on them.I don't know if that is what all car places do but I bet they do under the excuse that they are "test driving" them.

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