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Posted on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 12:47pm CST by 914fabe7

Product: Phone/Data/Internet

Company: One Communications

Location: 7150 Windsor Drive Suite 4
Allentown, PA, 18106, US


Category: Other

My company put a bid out for 3 phone/internet companies to quote us on their services. Out of all of them, One Communications came in the lowest. We proceeded to sign the contract with One Communcations. We had alot of problems with them starting our phone service & internet services but thought that it would be worth it just to muddle through the problems. Unfortunately, I wish we would have terminated the contract and made them switch us back but, I didn't. We also had a point to point put into the mix for another one of our offices. This point to point goes down frequently, knocks off our users, have to restart servers, etc. It was very very frustrating. One day, when I came into the office, I noticed that the point to point was down again. I called for service and they couldn't find anything wrong. We have boxes in both of our locations, I believe they are called IAD's with network cards in them. When the lights on those cards show red lights, 10 out of 10 times there is a problem with the circuit. Our IAD's had red lights in both locations and they still insisted that they couldn't find any problem. If this happened to me, it could happen to you too.

Since we had so many issues I talked to one of their Chairman. They told me that there was nothing they could do about the problems for the point to point and that since they couldn't find any problem with the circuit, they wouldn't terminate the contract. I must have had alot of service related issues with this one point to point, so basically i was asking them to terminate the contract but they wouldn't. I asked their Chairman, "Is it common for any of your customers to have alot of service calls less than one year from installation?" Their response was, "I can't comment on that".

This is my experience with this company.

You decide if it is worth it.


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