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On 10/17/09 I booked a trip with SaveOn. My wife and I signed up for a timeshare program. We were supposed to receive Dixie Stampede tickets. After the presentation we were told that they did not have the tickets. They gave us some sub-standard crap tickets. Save-On is their agent. They booked the trip and they could care less.


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8e4f082f, 2010-12-15, 08:03PM CST

I tried to book 2 separate vacation packages through Save on Resorts. They advertized them for $399.00 per couple. After I gave them a credit card, they came back and told me that they could not book us (2 separate couples) for that price. They said that they could book one couple for $399.00 and the second couple would be well over $ 1,200.00

I told them to forget about it.

About a week later they made an un-authorized charge to the credit card I provided them for $89.00

When I contacted them, they told me that it was a cancellation fee. When I explained that I never had a reservation because they could not accommodate 2 couples at the advertized price, the agent told me that I needed to speak with the manager (Diane) to resolve the issue.

For several days I tried to reach Diane and left several messages for her to call me back. She never did.

Finally I got to speak with Jerry who claimed to also be a manager.

He was pretty rude and refused to refund the fee, exclaiming that I cancelled my vacation. I explained that I was never booked and did not receive any final confirmations.

Regardless, he insisted that I did and refused to provide a refund. After I told him that I would contact the BBB and post online about their practices, Jerry hung up on me.

Lana C., 2014-09-09, 05:24PM CDT

Thank you for telling us your story. No worries, your money that they did not refund you will cost them in thousands!

I was ready to sign up with them, now I will NOT. Here you go, they just LOST $1,300

Thank you again.


Kim O., 2014-10-08, 05:44PM CDT

Where do I begin??? We agreed to rent & were promised a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo on Cape Cod. The reservation was paid for in February 2014 for travel in September 2014. In about May, I got a funny feeling & decided to call the condo office to verify our reservation. They had no reservation for us and furthermore, they were booked solid for the week we were promised. We had already purchased airline & rental car reservations, so we were locked into that week. We called the company headquarters & spoke to Paul, who told us he was the vice president. He assured us we would be taken care of & the problem would be fixed. Over three weeks later, my mother got a phone call asking if we would take another hotel room - "a double bedroom with a kitchenette" & she had to make the decision right that minute. My mother is not travel-savvy & took it to mean there were 2 bedrooms, but what was really offered was a single room with 2 double beds & 1 bathroom - for 3 people!! She was not given the opportunity to investigate the new location & she was recorded as agreeing to the new arrangement. Once we discovered the problem, we again called Paul who said there was nothing he could do. Really?? A corporate vice president with no authority?? We kept calling to explain that there were 3 people - mom, dad, daughter - traveling & the accommodations offered were not going to be suitable. In August we were told that if we did not take the room offered, they would cancel our agreement & could possibly refund our money. Possibly?? We were told that we may not get a refund if we cancel because we were past the "no charge" cancellation date. SaveOn also booked the room using Expedia, so any alterations to the travel schedule had to be booked through Expedia, who are impossible to get in tough with. Overall, it turned out that I (the daughter) got my own room at an additional cost. We had a great vacation but with no help from SaveOn Resorts. The manager at the hotel gave me a great rate on an extra room! I would highly discourage anyone from doing business with SaveOn! They are not a scam in the narrow sense of the word, but broadly-speaking, you DO NOT get what you pay for! Every conversation is met with rudeness and "new rules" are presented with each phone call. They only once returned a phone call although it was promised many times that "they would get back to us". I will NEVER AGAIN do business with this company!!! My parents are cancelling their timeshare with them. Run, don't walk, to another agency!!!

fbc1f422, 2016-01-05, 01:14PM CST

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