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Posted on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 at 10:15am CST by 2b5b9dbc


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On 10/17/09 I booked a trip with SaveOn. My wife and I signed up for a timeshare program. We were supposed to receive Dixie Stampede tickets. After the presentation we were told that they did not have the tickets. They gave us some sub-standard crap tickets. Save-On is their agent. They booked the trip and they could care less.


8e4f082f, 2010-12-15, 08:03PM CST

I tried to book 2 separate vacation packages through Save on Resorts. They advertized them for $399.00 per couple. After I gave them a credit card, they came back and told me that they could not book us (2 separate couples) for that price. They said that they could book one couple for $399.00 and the second couple would be well over $ 1,200.00

I told them to forget about it.

About a week later they made an un-authorized charge to the credit card I provided them for $89.00

When I contacted them, they told me that it was a cancellation fee. When I explained that I never had a reservation because they could not accommodate 2 couples at the advertized price, the agent told me that I needed to speak with the manager (Diane) to resolve the issue.

For several days I tried to reach Diane and left several messages for her to call me back. She never did.

Finally I got to speak with Jerry who claimed to also be a manager.

He was pretty rude and refused to refund the fee, exclaiming that I cancelled my vacation. I explained that I was never booked and did not receive any final confirmations.

Regardless, he insisted that I did and refused to provide a refund. After I told him that I would contact the BBB and post online about their practices, Jerry hung up on me.

Lana C., 2014-09-09, 05:24PM CDT

Thank you for telling us your story. No worries, your money that they did not refund you will cost them in thousands!

I was ready to sign up with them, now I will NOT. Here you go, they just LOST $1,300

Thank you again.


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