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Posted on Sunday, August 9th, 2009 at 3:27am CDT by 0c63ad13

Company: Shelford Corporation, Atlas Bancorp, Tayari, Reinier Agency

Location: REGUS VIRTUAL OFFICE 500 One Embarcadero Centre Suite 500
San Francisco, CA, 94111, US


Category: Other

There has been a long run of fraudulent business dealings with Mr. Edward D. Wilson. He stole $8000.00 from me with promises of a 10% return. I have done extensive research and discovered that he had defrauded others in similar fashions. I am not the only individual whom has started demanding justice. His bogus investment companies appear appealing and innocent at first glance. However, its only a front to milk as much money possible from his supposed clients. In addition he is employed by his brother Moses Wilson at Wiltec USA in Pasadena. Edward tends to hire illegal aliens so as to extort them for work with very little pay. Beware of this individual, if you see him call the police immediately.


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d4701c91, 2009-08-09, 05:56AM CDT

Wow...I have seen numerous complaints on this man.

Edward G.D. Wilson, 2009-12-21, 12:28AM CST

The person who put this complaint on the Internet is called Alexsander Bayard. An old employee that was fired in October of 2008 for heavy drug use. Alexander Bayard is now in jail and will be for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me directly.


Edward Wilson

0c63ad13, 2010-03-13, 08:11PM CST

I am not going to spend anymore time on this, but here is a public court record that everyone has access to. Enter the case # 109CV1409240 at to view the court information against Edward D. Wilson dba. Shelford Corporation. By the way I did go to jail for only 2 months and it was not in regards to "heavy drug use".

745379e7, 2010-10-02, 12:13AM CDT

Alexsander Bayard was not fired for drug use and he is NOT in jail. Edward Wilson IS a FRAUD. If you ever come in contact with him, look the other way. He will ruin your life just like he did with Alex.

Business Reply  Edward G.D. Wilson, 2012-09-22, 07:58AM CDT

My name is Edward G. D. Wilson, Chairman and CEO of Shelford Corporation of Pittsburg, California, with associated offices in East Africa.

The anonymous and also unsigned postings on were put there by a mentally disturbed ex-employee by the name of Alexsander Bayard who I had tried to help with a job after he got out of Federal Prison but ended up firing him on account of heavy drug abuse and other serious problems. As you know, this kind of stuff unfortunately happens a lot in the US these days and everywhere but I can assure you that there is no way I would have been able to accomplish what I have been able to and also enjoy the kind of friendships plus business relationships with very influential people if they were true.

This was a truly crazy and deeply troubled young man who had interestingly tried to extort money from me in a series of unsigned mailings, which can be sent to anyone interested.

Alexsander is now dead on account of suicide but apparently he had also tried to do the same thing to four other individuals with threats to do similar postings about them on the Internet if they didn?t give him money to feed his drug habit.

October 7th, 2012, will be the two year anniversary of Alexsander?s death which, I have to admit, I am not sorry about in the slightest..

I have not tried to have the postings removed from the Internet yet as they haven?t done any damage to my business or even caused any of my investors to withdraw their money from the company. Seeing however that such unsigned and anonymous posting on the Internet are sometimes taken seriously by some segments of society, especially when it comes to issues where money is concerned, if you believe that I stole money from you under false pretense,I would greatly appreciate it if you let me know right away.

My name again is Edward G.D. Wilson and my e-mail address is [email protected]

The best telephone number to reach me at from the US is 011.256.784.794.444.

From East Africa, please call me at +256.784.794.444

Should you need both personal and business references, please do let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Edward G.D. Wilson

Shelford Corporation

Alex you cannot respond to this.

334b7825, 2014-10-17, 02:52AM CDT

Edward G. D. Wilson is now living Kampala, Uganda, dba Summit Energy Company Limited.

He continues to engage in fraudulent business from his current residence in Kisugu.

Beware of this scam artist and stay away from him.

Edward G.D. Wilson, 2014-10-19, 07:55AM CDT

To whomever it might concern:

It is absolutely amazing that Alexsander Bayard who has been dead for four years was able to post this statement on his page posthumously.

Being called a scam artist is absolutely ridiculous and a laughable accusation from a pathetic individual.

Again my name is Edward G. D. Wilson and yes my home in Africa is in Kisugu/Kampala, Uganda and my home in the US is in the beautiful city of Pittsburg, California. If I have defrauded you, as claimed by the deceased Alexsander Bayard or his cohorts, please write me right away at: [email protected] or call me at: +256.784.794.444 as I would dearly like to hear from you and also correct whatever wrong I might have unknowingly done to you.

Thank you very much.

Edward G.D. Wilson

Alex, I challenge you, if you rose from the dead, to sign your postings as I do in the future as anonymous and unsigned statements luck authenticity and credibility.

Edward G.D. Wilson

5ab19d0b, 2015-02-12, 05:56PM CST

Edward, I like how you are accusing Alex of posting that latest comment, since he's been dead for over 4 years because of you.

Edward G.D. Wilson, 2015-02-12, 09:15PM CST

Vince, I have actually been waiting to see your response to my last postings. Can you please let me know how I caused Alex's death? I would also appreciate it if you sign your postings in the future.

Edward G.D. Wilson

5ab19d0b, 2015-02-12, 09:20PM CST

This is not Vince but I am one of your worst nightmares

5ab19d0b, 2015-02-18, 12:20AM CST

Cat got your tongue Edward???

Edward G.D. Wilson, 2015-02-18, 09:56PM CST

It is difficult to respond to communication that is anonymous and unsigned. I think I know who you are now but I would like to alert you to the fact that I have had to get both the FBI and Interpol involved.

I am very grateful to both Alex and Vince for having precipitated my decision to return to Africa when they took me to court. I love being a farmer and being involved in commercial agriculture and food processing. It is a great life and I am also involved in energy projects.

I will be happy to send you my contact information if you are interested and of course you can contact me by e-mail.

Kind regards,


5ab19d0b, 2015-02-18, 10:29PM CST

Nice FBI threat you coward

5ab19d0b, 2015-02-18, 10:29PM CST

who do you think this is anyways?

5ab19d0b, 2015-03-20, 07:06PM CDT

Nothing left to say, murderer?

5ab19d0b, 2015-12-12, 02:06AM CST

hey murderer, karma's on its way. so watch your back

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