Mings Laundromat - Mings Laundromat Harassment & Rude Service

Posted on Sunday, August 9th, 2009 at 10:23pm CDT by 275a8fc3

Product: Laundromat

Company: Mings Laundromat

Location: 110-68 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY, 11375, US

Category: Other

This small Laundromat uses almost every machine it has to do their own laundry for their wash and fold service. What is worse is that their machines are very outdated and can damage clothes if not carefully watched over.

To make matters worse I left a load in the dry unattended and another load out waiting for a free dryer for an hour because all their other machines were being used (for their own laundry), once I returned to my laundry and hour before they close the Korean woman who runs the place started harassing me, by yelling at me as to what time they close and how long I left the clothes in the dryer. I asked for my money back for the machines because of her harassment so that I could leave to go to another laundromat and she refused but instead kept on yelling.

There was no other business in their store and there was no reason for her to act the way she did. I simply waited to do the rest of my laundry, for when there were more dryers available but instead was under attack for no reason other than this woman's misery.


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