Hoisery and More - Buyer Beware

Posted on Saturday, August 8th, 2009 at 3:30pm CDT by 5bc18569

Product: Lingerie

Company: Hoisery and More

Location: 4804 13th Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11219, US

URL: http://hosieryandmore.com/

Category: Other


They advertised merchandise that was discontinued (by their own admission on the packing slip), and accepted an order and payment from me for these items along with other items.

I received one immediate order confirmation email that I had placed an order. They took money for the discontinued items and even at this point did not alert me.

Only after I sent an inquiry email asking for shipment information did I receive a followup email 9 days later.

This followup email was only an Endicia Internet Postage automatic email to alert me that postage had been purchased, and they still did not tell me that two items were discontinued items and therefore not availble to be shipped.

When the order was received the packing slip was stamped that these items were discontinued, issued refund. No such refund was issued. This was the first I was alerted that the items werw discontinued.

This is now over two weeks since the order was placed.

I contacted them immediately when I received the shipment and asked for the refund - no response.

I opened a complaint through PayPal, which they were slow to respond and when they did, they gave an excuse "We had some problems with our system, and anticipate it should be resolved within the next 48 hours".

No resolution came after 48 hours, in fact 4 days later they said that they had reversed my charge and then instructed me to tell PayPal that the dispute was settled as satisfied, and to send them the full payment amount AGAIN.

When I checked - no such reversal of my charge had been done, and it appears that they simply wanted even more money for merchandise not shipped.

Since then they have not responded to my response on PayPal or my direct emails to them.

Now this matter has been escalated for PayPal to investigate.

It would have been so much easier for them to (a) not advertise merchandise they don't have, (b) and if they run out of any merchandise in the order or shipping process - to tell the customer and REFUND IMMEDIATELY.

If they refund me for the merchandise they advertised/didn't have and charged me for, I will come back and update this review. Otherwise, these facts can be verified.


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