Juniper Bank - $117 in fees for $2.02??

Posted on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 at 9:25pm CDT by 99bebeb1

Product: Juniper Bank

Company: Juniper Bank

Location: 100 S West St
Wilmington, DE, 19801, US


Category: Other

My Juniper Bank credit card account was assessed a finance charge that put me two cents over the limit. Juniper Bank charged me $39 for this two cents. I called to work with them, they refused and let me know they could charge me even if I went one cent over the limit. I closed my account, doubled my payment and attempted to get back on track. They raised my interest rate, assessed finance charges that put me two dollars over the limit and charged me another $39. I attempted to once again work with them, they refused. I doubled my payment and scheduled it online on 7/18/2009 for my due date of 7/31/2009. They started calling me on 7/27/2009 to remind me my payment was due on 7/31. This happened three days in a row, each time I pointed out the pending payment and they promised to remove me from their list to call. (My payment wasn't even due yet and they were starting collection attempts?) On 7/31/2009 my balance showed $1291.64. My payment was received by them on my due date in the amount of $80. This, with the finance charges of $22.77 would have brought me to a balance of $1233.41, which is under my limit of $1250. However, on 7/27, they assessed me another overlimit fee, which put me back over the limit before my bill was even due. They didn't post this charge until 8/4/2009 after my statement printed, so not only didn't they wait until after my payment was due to assess this new fee, they also made sure I wouldn't know about it until after the fact. They had promised me after the second over limit fee that I would not be assessed another overlimit fee as long as I brought my account back under the limit by 7/31, my due date, which I did. This third overlimit fee has put me back over my limit by $23. They are refusing to remove any of the fees. The fees now total $117 for $2.02.


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