lulu spaniel rescue foundation, spaniel rescue, heart bandits, american eskimo heart bandits, L.S. R.F. - little orphan annie fake dog rescue

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 3:22am CDT by 3ffbb6bd

Product: samantha chan, unlicensed dog breeder

Company: lulu spaniel rescue foundation, spaniel rescue, heart bandits, american eskimo heart bandits, L.S. R.F.

Location: 51 montebello rd
suffern, ne, 10901, US

Category: Other

I can't stand this woman, I don't even

consider her a human

I think she must be a teenager because

she lies as quickly as they do

I went to her house to see a dog

I never saw such a disgusting backyard in my life. I left without the dog.

I am glad that I saw this website, she is obviously not a rescue but selling dogs. Disgusting, and her rescue helper husband who was very aloof and rude obviously knew not one thing about dogs, yet he was assisting? Or hiding something, I don't know. He owns a chinese take out joint. wonder what happens to the unadoptable dogs????

please dont give her any money, insist on real vet records first, and when you won't get them, then you will realize, they don't exist. she is a liar.


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3ffbb6bd, 2009-08-31, 04:00AM CDT

Dear Rescue Animal Lovers

I know you are all upset.

I was too, but just keep pursuing all the regulatory agencies, she will get caught. She already has been many many times and has had to move many many times.

She even had raccoons at her house and needed rabies shots, so I am told by the dog warden. She appears to be an animal hoarder, very ill, please don't give her any cash. You will regret it.

She refers to me as crazy Ellen

If that isn't libel and slander, I don't know what lawyer she is using. She doesn't even know me but has diagnosed me as crazy? I am far from crazy. She begged me to stop posting and promised to drop her slander case and return my money, but that was just a lie too. Every time she goes to court, or is supposed to, she says she is sick, pregnant and can't come. However, she has no children. Interesting?

She however is unlicensed and not a charity. That is criminal.

I am a professional, I take care of patients in the operating room. She sells candles on ebay. I don't think

she can pay a electric bill selling candles, so she has to sell dogs.

She doesn't care about them, that is why they are all sick when you get them. Start reporting her.

ca8018ac, 2009-11-14, 08:16PM CST

i got my puppy at this place. she is my life! a wonderful companion. i am Not sorry for giving this woman money. she gave me a wonderful life partner.

i did feel bad for all the dogs there, TONS of dogs running around the house.


Laura O., 2014-07-20, 01:10AM CDT

Is this "rescue" located in Georgia?

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