Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo Auto - Won't Let Me Pay - But Is Threatening to Repo!

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 11:19pm CDT by c0f9e76e

Product: Wells Fargo Auto Finance

Company: Wells Fargo

Location: US

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I have been paying (with numerous other customer services issues, like they won't put my correct name on my account, and won't send me a bill - but still, paying all the same) on my vehicle for over 3.5 years now... Wells Fargo just changed their website, and, somehow, in the process - lost my social security number. They have admitted that this is a fairly common issue that has come up from changing their website. Telling them my social security number doesn't resolve the issue for some reason, and apparently they can't/won't put it back on my account? But, unfortunately, you cannot sign up to pay your bill online without a social security number. They suddenly stopped sending me a paper bill over a year ago (another issue that has never been resolved), so paying by mail isn't an option. I've spent an hour on the phone to them today, and over 3-4 hours over the course of the last 10 days, trying to pay them for my car payment (which was due 10 days ago). I've now gone over my minutes allowed on my cell phone, and am paying 45 cents a minute to sit on hold for easily 20 - 30 minutes at a time every time now... and I get a different response every time. Unfortunately, none of their responses gives me a way to pay my bill. I get threatening phone calls from them daily, and apparently, my vehicle is about to be reposessed... because I haven't paid my bill. No one will let me pay my bill, and if I can't get anyone to help me, I'm going to lose my vehicle.

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10a24cd8, 2010-03-02, 09:37AM CST

This is a fairly common tactic for financial retail services like Wells Fargo. They "modify" your information in order to stop you from recieving statements every month. That way its YOUR fault that you didn't pay them, because you didn't correct what you didn't know was wrong. They just did that to me as a matter of fact. I bought a diamond ring for my wife through Wells Fargo. They never sent me a statement. When I called to inquire as to why I hadn't recieved a statement they claimed they didn't have my address.Baloney. How did you give me a $2500 loan without my address?

The best way to pay them is to go to an actual "branch" or retail services office and write them a cheque. (they won't take cash). Then ask your bank to send you the cancelled cheque when its cashed. If they won't take a personal cheque, get a bank draft made out to them and keep your carbon copy of it. (Bank drafts cost a few dollars). At the absolute last resort, mail Wells Fargo a cheque with your account number on it, send it registered.

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