Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 6:44pm CDT by 6ee6a7e4

Product: Verizon

Company: Verizon

Location: Helendal, Ca, 92342, US


Category: Other

I have tried to get my bill in order after decideing to bundle my package of internet, Tv, and phone for 99.99. However my bills are coming out over 160.00 a month and when I call to fix it and ask why there is always an excuse given and basically I am told to pay it or get it shut off. I go to school online and have 4 children so I cant be without a phone or the interent, but I also cant afford the bill to be so high. Everytime I call I get rude people. What can I do? I am beyond frustrated and hate the way this company is run but I am treated as if I do not matter even by the supervisors.


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