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Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 1:26am CDT by c80db09a

Product: Internet b2b

Company: Gemfind

Location: 1400 Quail St. Suite 200
Newport Beach, CA, 92660, US


Category: Other

I was paying approximately $200. per month to be a part of the GEMFIND.NET b2b network. I joined the network to sell diamonds to other diamond dealers, and other professional jewelers.

I am very computer savvy.

Anyway GEMFIND misled me to believe that there were MANY other jewelers and dealers on this network. Well, I did my own checking and turns out there are MAYBE 50 - YES MAYBE FIFTY members total. If that many!

The gemfind network is a joke. It is worthless.

Like trying to sell diamonds in a empty room.

WHAT A RIP OFF! Not worth $200 a month not worth two cents a month.

I also looked into GEMFIND.COM their other network. SAME JOKE SAME NONSENSE. The site wanted me to pay a LOT to get a exclusive region but turns out Gemfind is just taking all of everyone's money and NOT SPENDING A DIME ON ADVERTISING.

They misled my business associate there - he cancelled as soon as he figured out the scam.

SO - what GEMFIND is doing is this:

1. They collect monthly fees - and promise to do advertising, or at least offer you a network where there are some other members - some action.

2. They pocket all your money (monthly dues) and do not spend a DIME to expand the network or advertise.

3. Gemfind lies to you and misleads you into thinking that there is a lot of traffic on their website - there is almost NONE because they spend zero on advertising.

4. Also there are MAYBE fifty members on this network. WHAT A JOKE. WHAT A RIP OFF.

I AM VERY UPSET. On top of this all those jokers keep trying to sell me a WEBSITE. What does that have to do with anything? After all the money I paid these jokers they should give me a FREE website.

Goodbye, and good riddance. DO not EVER let GEMFIND rip you off again.


The network is a empty room!


12efde9b, 2009-10-07, 05:04PM CDT

We have been in the business for 10 years with excellent reputation and service and we are rated A+ by Better Business bureau:

if the person who has posted this complaint is legitimate, he should form a complaint with BBB as they will screen every issue before posting. They are not like this site where anyone can post whatever they want and slander a company without screening the author and confirm the validity of the complaint. Our guess is that the author is a competitor and likes to ruin our reputation. Try to find a different method...

6ea728cf, 2009-10-08, 11:44AM CDT

We would like to talk to this so called customer and see what he is talking about. We have been in the business for 10 years and member of Better Business Bureau with A+ grading where they confirm the validity of every complaint before letting anyone post what they want.

Also, as far as the error, anybody can create that from any site and say it belongs to someone else. We could also say Google had this error as well:

People are smarter than that...

Good luck competition in finding a better way to deter and deceive people and slander companies.


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