Gateway Corp. - Gateway Support Sucks!!!

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 5:04pm CDT by 303626d6

Product: Gateway Desktop PC

Company: Gateway Corp.

Location: 4545 Towne Centre Ct.
San Diego, CA, 92121, US


Category: Other

Contacted support for my daughter, they gave me a hassle and would not let me speak to s supervisor and still won't send her the recovery disks for her computer. Her hard drive had failed and they stated the disks were a software issue, and that warranty expires in 90 days. I advised it was a hardware issue and they just continued to argue with me. And constantly stated the computer wasn't registered with them - I know it was I have an email confirming as such. What a bunch or idiots. Now she can't get support for other things in her system because we had to replace the original hard drive and there's no way we're sending in that system to some techie to screw up even more - when we can fix most everything ourselves!!! Anyways, after this experience I'll never buy their products again - just have to junk her computer I guess. Sad to spend so much of your hard earned money and have it be a worthless piece of junk...


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46c2c701, 2010-03-22, 07:13AM CDT

I fully agree. I will NEVER buy another Gateway or ACER product because of this service. That is exactly what they did with me. Argue that it was out of warranty but the problem started before it went out.

4ab1107a, 2010-03-30, 05:04PM CDT

Gateway Support SUCKS. I had the SAME exact issue, or atleast close to it. My videocard overheated and it says that it would be covered for warranty, i send it in for repair and all they did was wipe out the harddrive and install windows 7, I informed them i only have 4 weeks till im getting deployed oversea's and they tried to argue with me that my video card is not compatible for games, When i spent 2800$ on this laptop which is a "gaming" laptop and it worked fine for the first 2 months. Seriously readers, Do not get gateway, or atleast dont rely on their customer support cause apparently the customer is always wrong. Hopefully somebody will change their minds from reading this and save them a whole bunch of money

PFC Gongora

28413848, 2013-08-23, 12:15PM CDT

I also won't buy another Gateway product. I just bought one with a corrupt Windows 8. They had loaded it with so much junk it was unbelievable. Games are notorious for messing up an OS and this stupid Computer came with a ton of them. None of them I liked. Links to retail companies were also shoved down my throat.

I couldn't download anything off the Net with this piece of junk, so I tried Recovery, which gave me nothing but error messages why it couldn't fix Windows. Finally it got stuck in Recovery and never came back. This lousy company didn't even include a recovery disk for Windows 8. Can you believe that? I've lost respect for Amazon for selling garbage like this.

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