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Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 6:53pm CDT by 7b92c922

Product: Triple Play

Company: Comcast

Location: US


Category: Other

I am searching for cable service. Comcast cable service had a special to bundle phone, internet, and cable for $99/month, in addition to giving away a free Dell Notebook with contract sign up. I found this add on Sunday 8/23. On Monday 8/24 at approx 12:00 I called Comcast and was ready to sign up. I was told that the special ended that Sunday night at Midnight and that the new rate was $115 with no computer. My first question is who runs a special that doesn't last the month? My second, is it weird that the time to stop the special is midnight on Sunday? Understanding the cable company would be open for technical problems on a Sunday, I never would have thought that sales would be open too. I was told that I could not get this offer, NO MATTER WHAT. I told the sales person that I was not even that interested in getting the Dell, I just wanted the price, which I told them. Comcast would not budge. I then asked what my options were should I still sign up and a program similar to that were to happen again. Could I resign a contract and get the rate? Could I just get the better rate? I was told by 1 sales person that I could cancel my contract and re-order the service for the new rate, HOWEVER, I would need to pay the new installation price of about $60, thus eliminating any sort of savings. I asked another sales associate, which I was routed to, what they would do in my place. Did it make sense to them to pay an additional $180/YR with no other incentive (like free install, adding another TV, Dell Notebook, etc)? Did it seem right that if this deal were to occur again in the future, which I was told that these things run randomly but the price special is always the same when it does go, that I would not be able to do it. I forgot to mention that this new sales associate told me that even I did cancel my contract and try to re-sign I would not be able to get the new rate because I would not longer be identified as a 'NEW CUSTOMER.'

This sales associate also tried to explain to me that this 'issue' is no different that if I were to shop at a mall and discover the sale price an item was offered to yesterday would no longer apply today. To that I respond, I understand this, but I also know the sales hours at the mall, not for a Comcast Cable sales. Perhaps I should add why I thought this. I had called AT&T because they offer something similar, however, as I later learned, not in my area. When I called AT&T the recording said the sales hours are M-F and the close at 7pm EST. The last thing that I find upsetting about dealing with Comcast is that THEY had said the specials run "based on what is going on in the world" and "how the economy is doing." Last I checked, the world is not doing so well and our economy is still in the dumps.

Thank you Comcast for letting me know that at least 1 company is doing well enough in today's grim but competitive cable, internet, and phone markets, that it can pick and choose customers and not try to at least make some sense of their specials, and to prove that customer service, in so much as trying to do whatever it takes to EARN your business, is not important.


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