Beware of the Standard Chartered bank

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 12:46am CDT by 2a75f6a2

Product: Credit Cards / Loans

Company: Not Available

Location: LK

Category: Other

Beware of the Standard Chartered bank in Sri Lanka. They're operated by thugs.They send their representatives to the offices and offer cards/loans to people. When one or two payments are default they you can see their true faces. They call your land phone, office phone, mobile without any respect.Actually they don't understand the people and don't have any PR skills. They call your relations, family members with harassed words and then go to those peoples houses and harass them.

They also insult card holders by looking their statements like 'you have use the card to give food to your children from this 'Supermarket'. This is only a one example of their misbehavior.

This is the worst private bank I have ever seen in Sri Lanka.


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