little orphan annie charity rescue - samantha chan fake rescue and liar

Posted on Sunday, August 30th, 2009 at 10:28am CDT by 45d2989f

Company: little orphan annie charity rescue

Location: 51 montebello rd
suffern, NY, 10901, US

Category: Other

i warned you people,you didn't listen. now she has changed her name again, to little orphan annie rescue, not a 501c and doesn't even exist.

i am getting many, many complaints from people wanting their money back, wanting to shut her down.

now she insists on cash. doesn't that

sound a little suspision to a real

business policy?

do not adopt from this woman, or you will be sending me you story.

don't worry, the works are in process, she will be stopped, but quit supporting her!!!!

if you want to give away money, go to the aspca and donate it, don't give it

to samantha chan, she is not a rescue.

got it now????

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3ffbb6bd, 2009-08-31, 01:16AM CDT

I can't stand this woman, I don't even

consider her a human

I think she must be a teenager because

she lies as quickly as they do

I went to her house to see a dog

I never saw such a disgusting backyard in my life. I left without the dog.

I am glad that I saw this website, she is obviously not but selling dogs. Disgusting, and her rescuing husband who was very aloof and rude obviously knew not one thing about dogs, yet he was helping? Or hiding something, I don't know. He owns a chinese take out joint. wonder what happens to the unadoptable dogs????

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