Global Tel Link

Posted on Sunday, August 30th, 2009 at 5:30pm CDT by 294a34c3

Product: inmate phone service

Company: Global Tel Link

Location: GTL Dept. 1722
Denver, Co, 80291, US


Category: Other

This company charges, according to its employees, different prices everyday for an inmate to place a phone call. They offer no way to check the balance of your account except to call them. Their website offers no information as to how they charge or why they charge what they do. They also won't allow a call to be placed even if there are (low) funds despite the fact that the call could be completed with the account balance.

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f576d582, 2010-05-14, 11:56AM CDT

I agree, this is THE WORST inmate phone service. You call them and nobody answers, you get a lame "we'll call you back" and they never do. They have no problem taking your money but don't preform the service the next time you get a call from the jail. They want you to pay another $25 to accept the call when you already have a account with a balance on the books. They also automatically block any calls after the first call so you have to make a call to them to fix it- back to $25 to accept another call between never being called back! Talk about a get rich scam by them and law enforcement!!!!

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